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1 June 2022

How to make an environmentally- friendly kitchen.

We can make our kitchens more environmentally friendly. Here’s how.

1 June 2022

Good news! There is an app for that.

Using modern mobile applications can make your life a lot easier.

31 May 2022

Daily hacks: environmentally-friendly kitchens.

These four tips can assist in reducing your carbon footprint in the kitchen.

31 May 2022

Achieve an environmentally-friendly kitchen.

There are various things that you can do in the kitchen to fight climate change.

30 May 2022

How banks can help finance solar systems.

Banks now provide various financing options for solar systems.

29 May 2022

8 ways to afford life's little luxuries.

8 easy ways you can still enjoy a few of life’s luxuries whilst watching your spend.

29 May 2022

Load shedding and energy cost immunity.

A discussion about you protect yourself against rising energy costs.

29 May 2022

Here's how to gain energy independence

Households and businesses can beat load shedding and still save money.

26 May 2022

Your Solar Finance Options Explained.

Getting a solar system can be a big investment but luckily there are some great finance options.

24 May 2022

Unpacking the costs of getting off the grid.

If your monthly Eskom bill is R1,500, here’s how much it will cost to just about get off the grid.

20 May 2022

Off-grid and hybrid energy solutions.

Many South Africans are frustrated by the ongoing Eskom power cuts. What are the alternatives?

6 May 2022

Tough times call for tough choices.

One popular way of keeping home expenses down is by switching to a solar and battery system.

04 May 2022

Eskom load shedding: 10 survival tips.

Some helpful survival tips for homeowners for the inevitable next few months of load shedding.

3 May 2022

The South African Power Landscape.

The state of the nation's energy landscape and where it all went wrong way back when.

25 April 2022

Tariffs hike to impact municipal consumers.

Consumers are still coming to terms with Eskom’s recent 9.6% tariff increase but there's more to come.

22 April 2022

Choosing your ideal solar energy solution.

Everything you need to know about choosing the right solar energy solution for your home.

22 April 2022

5 ways to be better for the environment.

Here are five things to do to become more friendly towards the environment.

21 April 2022

6 digital solutions to save time and money.

Here one-stop solutions that will make fast work of your tasks or routines.

13 April 2022

Unpacking alternative power options.

Hohm Energy expert, Matthew Cruise, on alternative power options.

4 April 2022

What's the cost of going off-grid?

Depending on your usage needs, the start-up costs can be expensive.

31 March 2022

6 tips to prepare your home for solar energy.

Hohm Energy COO, Ryan Steytler, shares his best advice for homeowners.

30 March 2022

How to gear your home for future solar use.

Hohm Energy COO, Ryan Steytler, shares his best 6 best tips for homeowners.

14 March 2022

Now is the time to consider solar energy.

Petrol prices are soaring but electricity tariffs are also expected to rise.

1 March 2022

The best solar options for getting off grid.

Planning to go off the grid? Here some solar options for you will want to consider.

1 March 2022

The 2022 budget speech & carbon tax.

Hohm Energy COO, Ryan Steytler, shares his comments on the latest budget speech.

23 February 2022

Govt slows carbon tax rollout.

Carbon taxes will be heftier from 2026. Read the full Fin24 article for more