We are here to make going solar simple for you.

There is a huge opportunity to save money and help the environment by saving on your electricity consumption. We are here to answer any of your questions.

What is Solar PV?

Has solar been installed in South Africa?

What kind of solar PV systems can you get?

How will I benefit from solar?

How does solar impact my property value?

Why should I go solar and what are the benefits to me?

How much is the solar PV system going to cost me as well as save me?

How long does it take to install the solar?

How will the installation disrupt me?

Who is installing the solar and what is their reputation in the marketplace?

Does it come with a battery and how long does that last? How often would I need to replace it?

Would I need to maintain the solar myself and wash it down or keep it clean?

Can I feed solar back into the grid and get paid for it?

How much solar do I need to produce to run my home?

Can I switch solar on and off?

Where does solar get stored and for how long?

Am I ready for solar?

Do I need a specific type of roof for solar?

How will it look on my house (aesthetics)?

How safe is it to have solar installed?

Can solar get struck by lightning or hail and get damaged?

Will my insurance go up in terms of liabilities if I have solar?

What are the environmental benefits of solar energy?