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Current active provinces and expanding to national footprint

We operate in all 9 provinces across South Africa

Savings at 10% off your current bill

Certified green energy power

No on-site solar asset risk or maintenance

Flexible contract options: 5, 10 or 15 years

No-hassle connection

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Energy freedom and solar savings in 4 easy steps:


Go through our easy online process within 2 mins to get your Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) offers


Speak to one of our Energy Advisors and customise your contract to suit your business needs


Sign your Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and secure your power allocation


Saving on your monthly electricity bills

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Access to renewable
energy has never
been more convenient

Get access to clean energy without building a solar power plant on-site. Simply sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and the electricity will be transferred via your existing grid-connection. You pay Hohm only for certified green energy which you have used.

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How does it work?

A seamless online experience

Hohm is a marketplace and online platform that connects consumers with vetted renewable solar providers. We partner with NERSA licensed energy license holders, to provide you with a reliable, legal and trusted solution to procure renewable, clean energy for your business from your existing grid-connection. We manage the process for you from A to Z to ensure you receive the best offers of clean energy from a pool of energy providers.

Business Owners

Business Property

Business Owners

Business Property

Energy Providers

Energy Providers

Energy Providers

Energy Providers

Energy Providers

Energy Providers

Energy Providers

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What does Hohm do?

As your partner on this energy journey, we help you with the following:

Initial solution scoping and consultation to ensure best price

Evaluation of electricity tariffs to enable optimal trade

Final solution design to optimally match your renewable energy needs

Contracting and any permitting required to enable the trade

Ongoing client experince and support your energy trades

Where does Eskom fit in?

Eskom still operates the transmission network and much of the distribution infrastructure in the country. Under an agreement with Eskom and various municipalities, NERSA-licensed energy traders use the existing infrastructure to serve your clean renewable electricity through to your current grid connection.

Where Hohm is not able to offer you supply at any particular time you will still receive your normal supply from Eskom or your municipality. Over time we expect to offer more types of renewable energy in every demand period.


Do I need to install solar panels on my roof?

What is energy trading and wheeling?

Can I apply if I am a homeowner?

Can I purchase electricity from Enpower country-wide?

What other benefits are there for my business to use green energy?

Will I still get power during load shedding through the PPA?

How does the agreement interact with Loadshedding?

Is there any risk to my business?

Who is Hohm Energy?

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